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“Marine Mom addresses nation on Window Covering Safety Awareness”

An American advocacy group is encouraging Canada’s health and safety leaders to create more awareness

Chantal Teraberry, a US Marine Mom lost her 4-year-old daughter in 2008, and has started an online campaign called ABC (Awareness of Blind Cords) at
“I didn’t know this type of thing happened; I never knew that window blind cords are, in fact, one of the top five hidden hazards of the home,” she said. “I did all the things that parents do to ensure their children’s safety in and outside of the home. This one got past me.”

Health Canada does not recommend selling or buying second-hand corded window coverings because safety devices, warning labels and instructions to keep pull cords out of the reach of children are often missing.
Canada’s current Corded Window Covering Regulations place restrictions on the formation of cord loops and require warning labels.

Blind Cords Pose Danger to Toddlers, Doctors Warn

Experts suggest cordless blinds, short pull cords, safety devices, and keeping beds away from windows 

TUESDAY, April 30, 2013 (HealthDay News) — Young children are at high risk for accidentally strangling themselves with window blind cords and parents need to be aware of this threat, doctors report.

Children aged 16 to 36 months seem particularly vulnerable to this danger, because they have relatively large heads compared with the rest of their bodies as well as softer windpipes, the doctors noted. They also have less muscle control than adults, which makes it harder for them to disentangle themselves from the cords.

The British doctors wrote their warning, published online April 29 in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, after they treated a 22-month-old boy who was brought into the emergency department after being found hanging on the pull chain of a window blind cord.

The child was discharged after an overnight stay in hospital, but not every child in this type of situation is so lucky, the doctors noted.

"In the U.K., it is thought that one or two young children die each year from blind cord strangulation," they wrote. "It is believed that there are probably many more under-reported near misses."

Data indicates that more than 200 infants and young children in the United States have died from accidental strangulation in window blind cords, Dr. Manas Datta, from the department of pediatrics at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex, said in a journal news release.

The British Blind and Shutter Association and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommend installing cordless blinds, short pull cords, using safety devices and keeping children’s beds away from blind cords.

The best option would be a ban on looped window blind cords, the doctors said. Until that happens, “it is imperative that parents are educated about the hazards of window blind cords and appropriate safety devices are installed in homes with young children,” they concluded.

More information

The Window Covering Safety Council offers window covering safety tips.


Hey! What’s the big idea?

We all know that the combination of cords and kids do not mix well, and sometimes that recipe can be a deadly one for small children. But do we…All ‘know’ that is?  Most folks must know of the hazard, but a new study shows there is a small subset that do not.  And somewhere in that subset of people live ‘little people’, little people that like to play, and twist, and fool around with stuff, just like we did when we were 3 yrs. old. So when it comes to child safety (with regards to blind cords/chains), we need to ask ourselves, “Who’s responsibility is this anyway, and what can we do about it?”

Before I go there, let’s not forget what the “real” goal is. And there is only one, and across the board, hands down, for all nations, it’s to SAVE KID’S LIVES. Period, the end, that’s the goal, and there is no disputing it.

  So whose responsibility is it to make people aware? Well, the answer is… it’s mine. And you are me, and every day you and I have the ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ to situations that can make people just a little more aware. And that’s what responsibility is, the ‘ability’ to ‘respond’. Creating awareness is how we can contribute. You and I do not have control over anything marked ‘Standards’ or anything labeled ‘Regulations’, or what language the orange warning stickers are written in, but we have control over child safety by creating a little more awareness for it. That is our respond-ability as installers, as designers, as retailers, as sales reps, and as workrooms.  Creating and spreading awareness is our obligation as an ‘occupational family’.

So, what’s the big idea, and where do we start?  Well, it’s real simple. We start in OUR OWN backyards. We start within our own communities, our own showrooms, our own websites and make sure every one of our customers knows the ABC’s of Window Coverings. (Awareness of Blind Cords).

Do some of your customers think you are installing the safety devices just to keep the cords off the floor so they don’t get dirty?  Maybe your customer or retailer doesn’t even know about the safety issue at all.  Are you selling to someone that doesn’t ‘know’?  One thing I started doing with all my customers when I’m measuring their windows is to ask one simple question: “Do you have small children or do small children visit ?” Whether they answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,  I continue with, “I’m asking because the industry has cordless, child safe, and motorized options which are available”. With those simple words, I now know I taught someone their ABC’s’ …and you know what?  Maybe they pass it on.

Look, we all know this is a tricky subject, but let’s not fear it. Let’s not avoid it. Somehow, let’s be creative and make sure every single customer that we work with ‘knows’. By them knowing, we have contributed to the goal. And what’s more important than that in life, knowing that something you said, or did, or had someone read, actually could of had the wheels to stop a kid from getting hurt, or better, saved his life?

Opportunities will present themselves to each of us, and soon our backyards will touch and the dangerousness will be forced to reduce itself.

Uniting in this child safety awareness initiative is key for our industry, and supporting the ABC’s on Facebook with a quick ‘like’ is a good first big step.

Hope to see you there,

- Rick Carlan

NEW safety inventions & innovative ideas create ‘vehicles for awareness’

 *Silent Gliss, a Switzerland based window covering manufacturer, comes out with a new “detachable child safety” device.Learn more.

*Smartroll is a NEW cordless & “Child Safe” spring system Watch video

*The WesleaBelle story (a cord alarm invention)
Strangulation is silent, but no longer has to be.Watch demo of cord alarm retrofit

*Upside Shades - Completely SAFE Window Shades
Exclusively distributed by Sue Fresconi’s company, Shady Characters, LLC.  You Tube Demo Video

* The Cord Clip:  Innovator/Inventor: Herb & Kristi Seymour. This is a retrofit wind up device to keep cords more out of reach of small children.

*Safe T Shade Lift system by Stevenson Vestal, a high-quality custom drapery workroom to the trade. A Custom Finished Medium Duty Spring Roller Lift System.Designed for all shades except Hobble or Soft Fold. Watch Video

*Cord Up  from the UK, here is a safety device designed and created by the transition year students of Moyne Community School to keep window blind cords out of reach of children. (requires no fitting).

*Maksan’s Cordless/Magnetic System from Croatia, this System is 100% child safe (from cord strangulation) and is fully magnetic which makes it unique from any other existing system on the market today.

Watch Demo #1 of cellular shades

Watch Demo #2 of how simple and fast this mounting procedure is for venetian blinds

The ABC’s are spreading… globally

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